Dangers and Hazards of Nuclear Power

Dangers and hazards of nuclear power When the term Nuclear Power or Nuclear Energy gets used usually the first things that come to mind for most people are bombs, destruction, war, and deformed humans. Which in fact are four things that occur the least in the nuclear power field. Nuclear power is much more than just bombs and destruction, bombs barely even take up a percentage of the total amount of nuclear energy used in the world today. Most all of the nuclear energy used today comes in the form of production of electricity.
Nuclear power plants are responsible for 16% of all of the world’s electricity production; which really may not sound like a lot, but when you think of the amount of electricity used in the world it really puts it into prospective how vital nuclear power is to us all. These days, nuclear technology is used in several applications. Some of these include: medicinal, power and of course military. Out of these, nuclear energy based power is getting popular.
In any case, because of growth in applications, based on nuclear technology, there are several nuclear installations being found at industrial scale. In general, nuclear installations are highly sophisticated, and, have lots of control measures in place to prevent any major hazard. Still, it’s a fact, that inspite of all these sophistications etc. accidents could still occur. The problem with nuclear accidents is – though, less frequent (due to high degree of sophistication and control measures), but, once an accident occurs, the impact is severe.

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