Data Mining processs

Business Problem
Wickresoft do not have a tool or a process to track how many stakeholders have went with the certain pattern and the number of times a specific “product” or “pricing” pattern was adopted by a stake holder. They also have a BOT which comes out of the box with this application, which takes the feedback from the customers and feed it inside the database. We need different data mining techniques, machine learning techniques and semantic analysis to improve their current business process with this data. We also need to identify how we can help different stakeholders in different organization utilize this application for their business need to increase the sale of this application.
Solutions we will provide for the below problems (Hypothesis):
Can we predict how many stakeholders will onboard to this application in the future using Predictive analysis .Moreover, Track the specific pattern adoption i.e. product pattern or pricing pattern number by the stakeholders using data mining process. Furthermore, increase onboarding of Intake Launch application across multiple organizations by improving the application by sentiment analysis.

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Data Mining processs
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