Death Dying and Grief

You will write a final paper on the Child Life topic of your own choosing related to the ideas presented in this course.
The goal of the final paper is to provide an opportunity for the student to integrate the course concepts discussed, to further explore a particular topic of interest, and to reflect on his/her learning throughout the course. Choose a topic or concept that is particularly interesting to you and explain why it is interesting. 
This paper will have two parts, research/discussion and reflection. 

The first part of the paper should include information/discussion about the chosen topic, research and citations related to the topic, and clear relation to Child Life.  This will comprise 75% of your paper.
The second part of the paper is your reflection about this topic and your overall learning in this course.  Your reflection should touch on what you have learned and why this topic is important to you.  This will comprise 25% of your paper.

It is expected that this paper provides a relatively in-depth exploration and discussion into the topic/concept chosen, and citations are expected.  Citations should come not only from course materials, but also from searches conducted by the student. 
The length of the paper should be approximately 6-8 pages typed and double spaced (not including cover and bibliography pages).

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