Demographic Structure

Age ranges – the larger the age bracket an environment has, the stronger the business could survive because of market variety. Working population – great number of people who have a Job and able to work could have the ability to purchase. Leisure activities – since people are reducing their working hours for leisure activities, these reductions could mean more time for most consumers to buy goods and services without time pressures.
Means of transportation – the most monumental impact of this relates to the physical capacity to convey passengers and goods and the associated costs to support this mobility.
Population structure- different age group buys different products so changes in the population affect the demand of the product.

Population diversity – customers in different cultures have different values, experiences, expectations, and ways of interacting thus giving it a hard time for marketers in focusing on a specific field.
Family status – analyzing a family’s status must be done thoroughly due to family’s overall income and other related expenses.
Large population- as the population grows; the growth for human needs also arises. Thus, market opportunities occur.
Aging population – people matures and changes, and so as their necessities. These could give a huge opportunity because there are things that should be given to satisfy their requirements.
Geographic population shift migratory movements could also be a good opportunity because location makes a good difference in goods and service preferences.
Purchasing power – because of inflation, people may no longer afford to purchase products that aren’t relevant to their everyday needs unless the goods to be purchased are consumer products.
Depopulation – the sharply reduction of population can also threaten a business because potential buyers will be lessen.

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