Disadvantages Of Esl Course Books Education Essay

ESL signifies English as a Second Language. ESL Course books are books that instructors use to help them in the instruction of the English Language in schools and establishments. These books are normally used as they make learning English unusually easy- instructor uses them to fix for category, they are visually appealing with images and illustrations. They besides fit good with school timetables. They were designed for pupils of all degrees and ages. In line with Cheung and Wong ( Cheng and Wong, 2002 ) , the cardinal rule of an academic course of study should be targeted at developing pupils ‘ rational abilities in capable survey countries that are deemed most worthy. ESL class books have their advantages and disadvantages.
The first advantage is that the class books come with a set of achievement ends that are clearly set. They tell the scholar what he or she will be able to make on completion of a class, and what to anticipate. The 2nd advantage is that when utilizing the class books, the genres and subjects are structured such that they cover the four accomplishment countries of reading, composing, speech production, and listening. This greatly eases the load off the instructor of holding to fix to turn to those countries. The class books besides assist inexperient instructors as they have ready-made activities and they assist such instructors to fix for categories.

Several jobs and issues have come up such as insistent activities, uninteresting subjects, and unequal linguistic communication exposure. Many of the activities in the class books come as ‘question and reply ‘ subdivisions. After making it several times, there is a likeliness that the pupils will get down happening the lessons drilling and uninteresting. In add-on, the reading subdivisions in the class book tend to be comparatively short. Therefore, they fail to be effectual in assisting pupils develop that constituent of the accomplishment countries. The reading stuff besides tends non to be disputing adequate for scholars, and the scholars end up non profiting from analyzing the class books. If non checked, such issues can stop up impacting a pupil ‘s overall public presentation in the English linguistic communication.
One solution is the add-on of outside reading stuffs to the course of study to supplement the class books. This would make full in the spread for the countries that the class books have non covered. Another solution would be to increase the reading stuff in the class books. The encouragement of literature reading even outside the schoolroom would besides be a solution. It is confirmed that a great wealth of vocabulary and excellence in grammar is learnt through the reading of literature.
How is this statement right?
ESL class books have been an huge aid to the instruction sector. They have eased the work of the instructors well. Before, doing of the lessons and stuff to be studied rested entirely on the shoulders of the instructors. Now, the instructors can utilize these text editions to help them to fix for the categories ; the instructor can besides take to utilize the books sometimes, as they come absolutely planned with most of the stuff needed for each lesson. The above statement recognizes this. The statement is right in the manner it honestly examines the advantages and disadvantages of ESL class books without prejudice. The weight of the advantages compares to the weight of the disadvantages. A right representation of the value and worth of the ESL class books is shown ( Kayapinar, 2009 ) . An accurate representation of the advantages that the ESL books bring is put away, backed by believable resources like Kayapinar ‘s Course book Evaluations by English Teachers ‘ . An accurate representation of the disadvantages is besides put away, backed by believable beginnings, as Harmer ‘s ‘How to Teach English ‘ ( Harmer, 2007 ) . In the solutions, a right decision is made that the books are a valuable but a slightly unequal beginning of information and stuff ; therefore, the solution to add extra reading stuff to the course of study, was sound.
How the statement is incorrect?
Harmonizing to the statement, instructors are depending on the ESL class books far excessively much. The work of instruction has been taken from the instructors and set on the class books, which is non the manner it is supposed to be. The instructor is supposed to hold a bulk of the stuff needed to be taught in school ; the books should merely supplement their stuff. Another manner that the statement is incorrect is in the manner it emphasizes the insufficiency of the class books. The books are seen to be missing disputing stuff, equal reading stuff, and are said to be dull. Alternatively of looking for extra text editions, they can see refashioning the class books and make fulling them with the stuff that would be most utile to the instructors and pupils.
The statement is besides incorrect in the manner it accommodates the indolence of pupils. The pupils have no right to acquire bored of the class books. They are non in the schoolrooms to be entertained, but to analyze. The duty of acquisition should be put back where it belongs ; on the shoulders of the pupils. They should take the enterprise in the acquisition procedure, transfusing within them, a self-driven desire to stand out. That manner, if the class books go unequal, they will take the enterprise of looking for extra information from other books and diaries. This would significantly ease the work of the instructors, every bit good.
The class books have been of enormous aid in the instruction sector. The best thing to make would be to hone them and add the relevant reading stuff to them. Still, pupils should take duty over their surveies, and that manner they will assist the instructors assist them even more.

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