Wright and Li (2013) postulate that adolescents who have been victims of cyberbullying or even face-to-face bullying may suffer from tremendous “anger and frustration.” The experience may lead to their need for revenge that is ultimately expressed in their future victimizing behavior.
In this week’s Discussion, you explore cyber-victimization in your local area and examine how this experience may impact individuals, families, communities, and the workplace.
To Prepare for this Discussion:

Review this week’s Learning Resources and consider the impact of cyber-victimization on individuals, families, communities, and the workplace.
Next, consider an event when cyber-victimization has taken place.
Search the Internet to find an online newspaper article, or any other newsworthy information about the event that has taken place.

Post a description of the event supported by any other information from the article you found in your research. Next, provide an explanation of the effects of the cyber-victimization on the individual, the family, the community, and the workplace. Include at least one scholarly source. Use proper APA format and citations.

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