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Chapter 10 
1. Watch this video about clean water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coxgFQvgmZQ
– What stands out to you about the global problem of accessible drinking water? Why does this problem exist? Which sociological theory (functionalist, conflict, or symbolic – see section 10.3 of our textbook) do you most line-up with when thinking through this complex issue? Why? (10 points)
2. Pretend that you are a sociologist studying global inequality. Which country do you begin studying and why? What would be one question that you’d like to dive deep into understanding? What is unique about your selected country and the way that they have dealt with inequality? (15 points)

Chapter 11
Part 1:
“One aspect of discrimination that is often overlooked is the privileges that dominant groups enjoy at the expense of others,” – Anonymous

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Elaborate on this quote. How have ‘dominant groups’ (dominant businesses, dominant races, dominant organizations, etc.) enjoyed privilege at the expense of others (indirectly or directly)? Be specific. How has this type of discrimination affected our society today? (10 pts)

Part 2:

Choose an ethnic/racial minority in the United States (Asian, Black, Hispanic, Chinese, etc.) and tell us about their history in the United States and how that has shaped the cultural and racial patterns present today in the group. Have they been discriminated against? How? How did they respond? Read section 11.3, “Theories of Race and Ethnicity” in our textbook. Which theory (conflict, symbolic, structural) best lines up with the ethnic/racial minority that you have chosen? Why? (15pts)

Be specific and help your fellow classmates understand the history and story behind the racial/ethnic group that you have chosen. Ask questions and share your own personal thoughts on the issues of inequality facing the group you’ve chosen.

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