Discussion 8

Chapter 15 Question:

How would you suggest a leader overcome resistance from employees, church members, etc., to a change that is going to cause some to lose their jobs, positions, etc.? Explain.

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Discussion 8
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Your initial post is due by Friday. The initial post should consist of 250 words minimum.
Your two response posts are due by Tuesday. Each response post should consist of 50 words minimum.
We are not looking for you to simply post your thoughts and walk away. We are asking you to dialogue with your classmates and work through the agreements and disagreements of every major issue. In other words, have a conversation! If you disagree or agree, state why and show support for your reasoning by citing sources from this course or from other relevant readings. A number of you will find that you are posting far beyond the minimum requirement stated above, which would be great. Please be sure to observe “netiquette” as you participate in this forum. Overall, learn and be changed by what you have learned.

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