Discussion board ( please respond to student post)

 Good morning,I am a firm believer that the odds are more than likely against you. Depending on the type of card game that is being played. The probability of finding the 1 out of 52 to is very low. I believe that it the rare time that you get lucky and grab the one card you are looking for, is what drives a person to keep trying. I have seen people lose a lot of money with gambling but its the one time they win that keeps them coming back. I do agree with many of my class mates that if more people are paying the chance of winning is much less. People that go against the odds are the ones looking to score a big win. Again though the chances are small the fact that there is a possibility is what drives people to want to take the risk. Playing the odds is very much as equal to taking a risk. As we will see with current events, the people taking the test medicine for COVD-19 are risking the chance of medication working in hopes of a cure to this virus. Ultimately, I would say that deciding with odds is worth the risk. It takes risk to open new opportunities in life. 

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Discussion board ( please respond to student post)
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