Discussion: Interrelationship between police and politics

Discussion 1.2: Interrelationship between police and politics

In this discussion, you will be investigating the relationship, both positive and negative, that exist between law enforcement and politics. Historically, politicians and political forces have driven many of the events and developments of law enforcement structures and roles.  The idea for this discussion is that through your investigation and response you gain a deeper understanding of the history of law enforcement.

Instructions and Supporting Material

Read the Introduction and Chapter 1, “Policing in the United States” in the course text book.
Read the journal article, From Police Administration to Police Science: The Development of a Police Academic Establishment in the United States..
In a discussion posting, address the following questions. What is the interrelationship and interdependence of politics, political movements on policing? Identify at least two positive and two negative effects on policing as a whole.
The requirement is to post to AT LEAST two classmates. If you do the minimum requirement, it does not mean that you will get full credit. You will be graded on the quality and also quantity of your insights and participation.

Statements like, “I agree” or “That is a good point” do not demonstrate thinking and analysis, and are not considered “meaningful comments”.

If your thinking is well developed and meaningful, it does not necessarily mean your post has to be long in length.

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