Discussion Post! Due in 8 hours!

First, select a book, play, television show, movie, etc., that contains adequate social interaction illustrating both a friend or romantic relationship and an example of aggression or prosocial behavior. Provide necessary information such as the general plot and key characters for the class to understand if they are not familiar with the source. Then, complete the following:

Interpret a depicted voluntary (i.e., friend or romantic) relationship from a social psychological perspective. Point out specific examples to illustrate the following:

Which of the various factors in attraction are present in this relationship?
Is the relationship based on friendship or love? If love, what type of love is portrayed?

Examine a scenario from the source you selected that illustrates either aggression or prosocial behavior.
Identify specific course concepts in your analysis, pointing out relevant theory and research. Note that you must utilize at least one relevant scholarly source in addition to your textbook for this portion of the discussion.


Examine research that examines a possible source of aggression (e.g., the media, weapons, alcohol, environmental factors, etc.). Give specific examples.
Explain why this particular variable is/is not harmful. How does this theory/research apply to the scenario you described?

Prosocial Behavior:

Examine research on prosocial behavior, predicting who will help whom, when, and why (e.g., empathy, cultural norms, gender, religiosity, etc.).
Assess whether this information might be useful in reducing aggression/violence. How does this theory/research apply to the scenario you described?
For both of the above (attraction and aggression/prosocial behavior),

Distinguish situational factors that may influence social relations (attraction, aggression, prosocial behavior, etc.).
Discuss the impact of social and cultural differences on social relations (attraction, aggression, prosocial behavior, etc.).

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