discussion question

PART ONE: (20 POINTS MAXIMUM) The main post: a three to five-paragraph narrative introducing your idea or reaction, backed with evidence, and a conclusion. Each week there will be a question (or questions) posted.  Select ONE of the questions to respond to. You are encouraged to use quotes from the readings to support your responses; however, the excessive use of quotes will result in a lowered score!  Whenever material from the book, or other sources, is used, you must include a citation.  Citations can be in an approved format; i.e., MLA, APA, or Chicago. 
PART TWO: (5 POINTS MAXIMUM) The secondary post(s): a free-flowing discussion engaging others’ comments, with no length requirement yet academic in nature. Include evidence-based material only; i.e., facts and not just opinions.  If you use a quote as a form of evidence, you must include proper citations.  
Chapters 15 and 16 **SELECT ONLY ONE**
1) How did presidential Reconstruction and Congressional Reconstruction differ?
2) Discuss changing policy with regard to Indians in the West during the last half of the Nineteenth Century.
3) How did the rise of “big business” change social classes in the United States?
Also, WATCH this movie and include it in the paper: Ken Burns – The Civil War – “The Better Angels of Our Nature” (ignore captioning in Portuguese)

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