Discussion Question

Read the following from The Best American Magazine Writing 2013:Pamela Colloff’s “The Innocent Man”Michael Wolff’s “A Life Worth Ending”Robert W. Worth “Did You Think about the Six People You Executed?”Initial Response: Module Four introduces six literary nonfiction elements. Actively read the essays by Colloff, Wolff, and Worth. For each essay, answer the following questions:What do you believe is the primary nonfiction element(s) the author weaves through the essay that allows you to gain insight into the essay’s overall purpose? Why is that? Additionally, cite at least one example from the text, which contributes to your understanding of the reading’s primary nonfiction element.I should note that most of the textbook’s readings will include ALL of those literary nonfiction elements; however, some readings will focus on one element over others.

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Discussion Question
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