Does Crime Pay

Does crime pay? This is one of the most debated questions that has hit our shores in recent year. Ever since the introduction of basic human rights and many successful rallies against prisoner abuse, prisons have and are becoming increasingly pleasant places to lived. In this essay I aim to cover both sides of the story and give advice to the government on what is the next step. During my recent research I have found that roughly the average price to put one prisoner into prison cost ? 95,000 for one year. I also learnt that in prison you get an average wage of ? 9. 0 based on a 32 hour working week, and most surprisingly that prisoners get some fine food like Indian curries and Italian pastas. If we put this in contrast to the daily diet of a homeless person, who can go days without food and water, these people our victims of crime and yet our government still spends almost ? 100,000 on the people who victimise these helpless people in prisons. A logical and short term thinking homeless person would be silly not to commit crime – a working wage, food, a bed and toilet facilities and showers provided and the option to complete a degree are just some of the perks.

So crime does indeed pay on this level. Job seekers allowance now stands at ? 67. 50 for a single person, however these people need an address to receive this, the average price of a loaf of bread is approximately ? 1 and a pint of milk is now ? 0. 40, this shows that it is nearly impossible to survive from day to day as they are not eligible to apply for jobseekers allowance and therefore are depending on busking or begging money. For many homeless people, they have been forced to make crime pay, but there is a problem…

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Does Crime Pay
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