Driving Revenues – Organizational Processes

  Sony Pictures Finance Structure

Identify and describe the organization.  What is its purpose? Include additional information such as industry, size, product(s), number of employees, competitors, etc.
 Who are the customers?  Can you separate them into groupings? If so, please do so.
Using the 5 E’s of Customer Relationships (P. 56-63), describe the customers.   Begin by providing 1-2 sentences of your definition of each “E” item.  If your organization has more than one group of customers, select one to use throughout the project.  Check with your instructor about your customer selection before completing the assignment.
 Describe the organization’s relationship with their customers or your group of customers.  Use and reference concepts learned in your readings to describe it.  Would you call this relationship CRM?  Is there a Learning Relationship.
Begin to think about how your organization may improve their relationship to customers.  Include any thoughts you may have at the end of your paper.  You’ll use these notes to develop the final part of your project.   This week they may be in list or outline form. Include references to material in your readings or other sources because that will be required in the final project submission.

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