Dscussion Questions

CRJ 220: Ethics And Leadership In Criminal Justice :

“Virtuous and Vicious Acts in Law Enforcement”  Please respond to the following:
Read the article titled “When Not to Arrest an Abuser in a Domestic Violence Case,” located at http://time.com/12682/when-not-to-arrest-an-abuser-in-a-domestic-violence-case/. Next, explain the two (2) factors that you believe would be the most critical for police to consider before making an arrest in a domestic violence situation.
The article suggests that the criminal justice system may not be the best place to deal with domestic violence misdemeanors. Indicate whether you believe these domestic violence situations should be handled by the criminal justice system or by some other social service organization. Provide at least one (1) example to support your opinion.

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Dscussion Questions
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POL 110: U.S. Government:

Presidential Campaigns and the Election Process
Please respond to the following:
Based on the scenario and the knowledge gained from this section, address the following: 
Describe key campaign strategies that a U.S. presidential candidate can use in order to ascend to presidency in today’s political environment. 
Compare at least two such successful strategies that were used by past presidential campaigns. 
What are some campaign strategies that have NOT worked? 
How successful are strategies like pandering to social, ethnic, or interest groups? 
What might be some things you would like to know about the nomination process, Electoral College, or other aspects of the presidency? 
What tricks and games can politicians, the media, and special interests use to impede a political agenda? 
Remember to consider the Political Tactics in your post and try to identify some of the Political Tactics that candidates, political parties, and their supporters use. 

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