Due Friday 11/29/19 @ 5:30 pm Power Point Presentation


Power Point Presentation


This will be a PowerPoint presentation on a preapproved career of choice.  

Must talk for 4-6 minutes.  (Points will be lost if too short or too long.)
At least THREE (3) valid references (cited on the last slide in APA format)
*** I caution against GIFs and videos in the presentation. ***
What should be covered:
Why this job?
Job Duties
What does a typical day look like?
Salary Range
weekly time requirements (daytime, weekends, evenings, etc.) number of hours per week, holidays, etc.
Where is the ideal job? (location: city, rural, US, another country)
Growth opportunities?
Is travel involved?
Benefits (health, vision, dental, pet, 401k, etc.)
Education Requirements
Certification Requirements
After researching, do you will want to do it?
Fun Fact about the career (something that is not listed above that you thought was interesting)
*** If in your research you determine that one of the above points does not apply, you must state so during the presentation and why you came to that conclusion to get credit. ***
Due date:
The PowerPoints must be submitted via Moodle by 11:59pm DECEMBER 1st
Make sure you confirm you uploaded the correct file in Moodle and it can be opened.  Also, bring a back-up on a flash drive to class.  If it will not open, it cannot be graded and will be subject to a zero

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