EBP, Quality and Safety Standards and Politics

Assignment: Two parts1. EBP ResearchLocate two research articles on the topic of your choice, but each article needs to use a different research method (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods). First, summarize both articles. Then answer the following questions…Which type of research article did you find easier to understand? ExplainIf you had to complete a research project which style would you choose and why?This section should include 2 outside references and your book. This section should be at least 2 pages.2. Political Letter – you will find the template on the Resource tab or the News Page for week 4Identify a current state or national healthcare or nursing issues that effects nurses or healthcare. Possible websites to locate an issue would be…State Nursing AssociationAmerican Nursing AssociationSpecialized Professional OrganizationsIn the opening paragraph, introduce yourself, identify you are a constituent, and briefly explain why this issue is important to you. Provide a clear purpose or issue for your letter. Research the legislator and know whether the person you are writing has a stance on this issue. The purpose of your letter will depend on which position your elected official holds regarding your selected health policy issue. You may be composing your letter to provide further support for his/her position, bring it to his/her attention, or try to convince him/her of your opposing position. Regardless of which type of letter you create, you need to provide supporting evidence for your position. The second paragraph should state how the issue affects you personally as a nurse (avoid medical jargon).The third paragraph should state how the issue affects the community. Create specific “talking points” for your elected official to use in his/her work on this issue with colleagues. Make it easy for the official to “see” these points (you can bullet or bold them). Provide Evidence!Your fourth and final paragraph should restate the importance of the issue and thank the individual for their time and attention to the issue. In the closing paragraph, ask the legislator to follow up with you so make sure your contact information is at the top. Your references for the letter should not be cited in your letter, but should be included on a separate reference page.

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