ECE 430 Week 2 DQ 1

This pack of ECE 430 Week 2 DQ 1 includes:This week, you will meet six of Mrs. Ashland’s students and learn about their development. You will need to read Week 2 Case Study: Students before beginning this discussion. Assume that you are Mrs. Ashland and that Mrs. Ford, the director of your center, has asked you to write her a letter in which you choose an approach to planning curriculum to use in your classroom. In your letter you must evaluate the method you want to use and justify why you believe this is the best way to plan curriculum for Johnny, Maya, Jane, Caleb, Kayla, and Jack. Make sure to include specific information from Week Two Case Study about how using this approach will allow you to differentiate instruction for each of your students.Guided Response: Review the letters your classmates have posted. Respond to two of them as if you are Mrs. Ford, the center director, who has just received Mrs. Ashlands letter with her request for planning curriculum instruction. Write a letter back to Mrs. Ashland in which you decide whether if you will allow her to implement this method of planning for curriculum instruction. In your response, justify your decision as to why you would or would not allow them to use this approach.

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