ECONOMICS PAPER, 2000 words, due in 24h

   2000 word essay , bare in mind the field is economics. this is the Question :  Idenitfy a regional trading group (THE GCC) and evaluate its efficacy.

The trading group IS the GCC !!!!
PLEASE : use some peer review scholarly referencing 
The assignment should follow the following structure: 
· Introduction – the outline of the paper 
· Discussion – the body of knowledge ; the purpose & general procedures ; the way study will be conducted; debate 
· Conclusions/Policy Recommendations – results/outcomes & suggestion of future research
· Bibliography or list of references
What will be expected in the assignment in ascending order:
· Evidence of basic knowledge of the topic
· Clarity of expression
· Attempt to address the question in the light of the instructions
· Use of appropriate theoretical analysis and empirical evidence
· Evidence of wide reading
· A coherent well developed argument
· Some degree of originality of thought
How the assignment should be presented:
· Title page (student ID or name, title of paper, course code and title, word count)
· Pages should be numbered
· Section headings should be used
· Font size: 12, double spacing
Harvard Referencing Style 

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