Slide #5:
Give actual ways that Cabela’s does this

Slide #6:
Either add or make sure you discuss what changes have happened specifically

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Slide #7:
Discuss how Cabela’s is built on tradition, and has done things the same way forever. Shown through their updated return policy that was changed a few years ago, which limited what could be returned at Cabela’s (gone from all Cabela’s branded products had lifetime warranty and now only clothes, footwear, and optics do) 

slide #8:
Talk about the division between vertical differentiation, and how managers and outfitters are divided. Managers have the mentality of “that’s not my job to do small tasks” and outfitters have the mentality of “that is above my pay grade” Departments are very horizontally differentiated, no team effort

Slide #13:
You may be able to get rid of this slide and replace it with one on their core values, and just explain how they create cabela’s culture

Slide #14:
Add their core values and explain them: http://cabelas.jobs/core-values/ Add their family values, social responsibility for protecting the outdoors, their respect for their outfitters, and diverse workplace

Slide #15:
Here is more into regarding this: http://cabelas.jobs/u-s-benefits/ More info on the Cabela’s Employee Foundation (gives employees an option to give a portion of their paycheck towards the foundation, that helps fellow outfitters that face hardship): http://www.cabcares.com

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