1.1.   Define and discuss Methods of instruction (minimum of 5 sentences for each concept)A.   Direct InstructionB.   Constructivism Instruction2.Define (Using complete sentences)The Major Philosophies of Education3.My Classroom (No less than one paragraph, with a minimum of 5+ complete sentences). (Do not use bullet points).1.   Share which teaching method of instruction you would use in your classroom, and explain why.2.   Indicate a specific philosophy of education you prefer, and explain why.3.   Say how you would teach, using your preferred teaching method, integrating it with your preferred teaching philosophy. (Example: Using Directed teaching, I would approach my class by informing them that my rules of the class . . . . Also, I would seat them . . . . . And according to the ___ philosophy, I would make sure every student ……… and that they . . . )*There will be no late submission without proper documentation.  The font size is 12 and double spaced.  Please contact me using the information on your syllabus if you have questions, concerns, or otherwise need assistance.  

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