Elementary Statistics DQ 03

Computer World Magazine at www.computerworld.com  (www.computerworld.com) has current articles on important news and opinions. Find one article of interest to you, then type a summary of the article and tell why it interested you. (Note: Type the name of the article in the Subject Line.) Also, read at least 2 other students’ postings to further enhance your knowledge of what is going on in the Technology Industry. (Note:  If you do not read 2 other students’ postings, points will be taken off.  Also provide source reference.) Don’t wait till the last minute!

As we all know, almost everyone owns a smart phone. Some people even work from their smartphone and are constantly on them, so they need their battery life to last as long as possible. This article gives you a few pointers on how to conserve battery life. One problem I see myself doing is not closing out of all my apps. I leave them running, that kills your battery. If you clear then and close them there is probably an hour added on to your battery life. GPS location is another one of my big problems, because I love using maps. Keep your locations off. Airplane mode if helpful, but if you work through your phone it won’t be great because it doesn’t let any phone calls of text messages through. This article has a lot of helpful tips in it. Give it a read if your having trouble with your own battery life.

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