Employee Performance


1.  Go to SAS’s Website  and review the benefits offered by this company by scrolling down to  the middle of the web page and clicking the “Benefits” tab. Next,  determine whether or not these types of benefits would motivate you as  an employee for a long-term commitment. Support your reasoning.
Determine whether or not these benefits you reviewed could create  more of a balance between family and work. Provide at least two examples  to support your reasoning.

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Benefits that SAS offers to its employees: 
Career,  the company culture values its employees and it offers them with a  wide-range of benefits including a good working environment, opportunity  to advance their careers; casual dress code; and development and  training opportunities. Life/Work,  the company provides its employees with the time they need so that they  can balance their life and work. This is accomplished by offering  employees a flexible schedule, paid time-off plans, paid sick days,  company vacations, paid holidays, and funeral, military, and jury duty  leaves. Finances,  SAS also helps employees plan for their future through company-paid  life insurance, competitive pay, Estate, Retirement, and Financial  planning seminars as well as SAS Retirement plan such as Rollovers,  401(K) and profit sharing.
Health,  some of the benefits that the company offers include comprehensive  vision, dental, and mental plans for both part-time and full-time  employees; long-term and short-term Disability plans, health care  flexible spending account. It also provides on-site fitness and  recreational center as well as health care centers. Employee Assistance  Program to address staff personal matters. Family Benefits.  some of the benefits offered under this category include flexible work  schedules, paid paternity leave, family sick days, family medical leave,  adoption assistance, domestic partner benefits, and dependable care  flexible spending plans and other extras.
As  per the analysis of SAS company benefits, it is obvious that I as an  employee for the company I will be motivated for a long-term commitment.  This makes me as employees feel valued in the firm and hence my  personal development initiatives and plans are enhanced. The benefits  provided provide balance between family and work. And this is  attributable to the fact that the company values my financial  well-being, health as well as work-life balance. In regards to work-life  balance, the company offers flexible working schedules and paid  vacation for its employees.


Determine three ways that employee layoffs can affect other  employees in the organization. Examine two additional ways that employee  layoffs can affect the organization as a whole.   
Imagine that you are a manager of the HR department of a  company and you are required to lay off one of your employees. Propose  two ways that you can ensure you are abiding by the laws that govern  employment and ethical practices.   

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When  some employees are laid off from the organization, whatever be the  reasons, the final effect is very negative on the present employees. The  motivation and hence the productivity of the present employees  decreases with the news. This is due to the fear in the minds of  employees that they now start searching for some new jobs elsewhere.  There is a fear that they might also get the same news in near future.  This increases the turnover for the company and hence the cost  increases. Also with the decrease in motivation and the productivity,  the financial performance of the company goes down.  Another  effect is on the new projects, whenever a manager feels that a  particular project is a bit risky, the project is not undertaken since  the risk of losing funds may fall upon the manager itself and the person  might lose his or her job. Another effect is on the image of the  company. After such news, there is a higher probability that the  employees feel the company is not the best employer and hence they would  not recommend it to others. This negative image amount the company  would spread very fast.
Question #2 
First,  there is a need of proper communication between the HR department and  the employee regarding the performance or other reason that is  responsible for the termination of the employment of the person. The  person should be communicated the complete reasons. Then a proper  probationary period can be established that would help the employee to  search for the new job in the due course. There is also a probability  that the employee be given complete compensation for the probationary  period. In this case, the compensation should be a bit higher than the  current salary of the employee. As an HR manager, it is important to  remain honest throughout the period and transparency should be  maintained so that there is no ill feeling in the minds of anyone. All  the process should happen according to the law and all the necessary  steps should be taken as per the employment document originally provided  to the employee.

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