Please watch the following video to help with your Personal Essay submission:
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Try this site for help with an outline: 
Look at the following site to help with punctuation: 
The Writing Process and You
Review the steps of the writing process. (We will be learning even more about this process in the coming weeks.)

What part of the process do you think is most helpful? Why?
Which part of the writing process do you need the most support with? Why?
What surprised you about Kim Coles and her experience with writing?
Your Mindset – Share an example of how you’ve shown perseverance and effort in this class.
Explain any fears/anxiety that you’re feeling. How do you plan to get through it?

*As always, remember to post your own response that addresses the prompts AND respond to, at least, one classmate with thoughtful, helpful commentary to be eligible for full discussion points.

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