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I have attached a new sample paper of what the cite work should be.
Attached are the directions, rubric and a sample of the paper. I will provide an additional sample tomorrow.
This was a post I did pertaining to this assignment.
The topic I’m writing about this semester is, Education – Teaching to the Culture of the Classroom. I believe this is very important and greatly impacts how successful the student will be. This topic is of personal interest to me, as I struggled with learning the same as other students.

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English Essay – I-Search
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1. Does the classroom environment/makeup affect student learning? 
I will try to finds articles, videos and books to gain an understanding if there’s imperial evidence to answer this question. Searching Google will be my first step and then I’m going talk to some teachers I’ve worked with in the past to get a first-hand account of what they’ve experienced.

2. Should educators have additional training to recognize differences in student learning? 
For this question, I need to find information on what the curriculum is currently to obtain a teaching certificate to see what’s already required. Also, looking at different state minimum requirements to see if it differs. Finding information about what a school counselor is responsible for and the required training would help as well to see if teachers should take one or two of those courses. I’m going to look on Macomb CC, Eastern Michigan, MSU and Howard University website sites to see what courses must be taken in order to obtain a teaching degree. Then I’ll look on the state of MI, D.C., and GA websites to see what the state minimums are to obtain a certification to teach.

3. Is understanding the culture/area in which the teacher teaches important? does having a racial difference between teacher and student effect learning capabilities in younger students?
I will try to find some fact base articles to support this question on why it’s important to understand the culture. Searching the internet (Google) will be my main avenue of what I will find this information. Also, I will see if I can find some school district scores and see if I can find in correlation.

Listed below is a link that will further how to do the essay and a link to an article to be use as one of the references .


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