Esprit is an international youthful lifestyle brand offering smart, affordable luxury and bringing newness and style to life (http://www. esprit. com/index. php? command=Display&navi_id=50). With 12 product lines, the group reaches to a wide range of consumers in the market without leaving anyone in the family out. Target Market Esprit offers twelve product lines. The kids and edc youth by Esprit targets the younger children to teenagers. Esprit women and men casual target both sexes for casual wear. Esprit women and men collection target both sexes for adults who has entered the workforce. Esprit shoes
ESP Esprit sports focus on athletes from strenuous sports such as running to more relaxed sports such as yoga. Esprit accessories comprise of collections such as bed sheets, towels, watches, key chains, caps, scarves, bags, wallets, perfume and umbrella. , , , , de corp ESPRIT URBAN CASUAL, edc by Esprit, edc men and. Esprit stores are not located along the rows of shops at shophouses or near the wet market as this might tarnish its brand image. Esprit stores are mainly in big shopping malls, in hotel arcades and in the heart of Singapore, Orchard Road. Esprit targets to the social class consumers
Positioning Esprit’s franchise store concept is “A unique opportunity to join Esprit – a global fashion brand with a contemporary lifestyle image”. While being affordable, it does not lose its brand equity of being a branded brand. Esprit has production lines similar to its rivals such as Mango, Zara and Fox Fashion. Product Assortment Esprit comes in sizes from XS to XL. In Asia, at least in Singapore, that is the popular range of size given the small Asian built of the consumers. Even though Esprit has a wide range of products, it is also deep in terms of its depth of product assortment.

It has products for the young children, teenagers, adult male and female casual and executives. Esprit shoes have footwear ranges from Mary Janes to flip flops. This focuses on both males and females consumers. Esprit has its own brand of towels. It is known for its soft and tender yet thick material. Store Atmospheric With the exception of a few, Esprit stores are usually located at Level 1 of the shopping mall such as Esprit Jurong Point, Esprit Great World City, Esprit Tampines 1, Esprit Tampines Mall and Esprit Bugis Junction.
Esprit stores such as those in Tampines 1 and Tampines Mall, they are located at the main entrance and opening of the whole shopping mall. In Tampines Mall, the store is located at the entrance of the shopping mall which faces the Mass Rapid Train (MRT) station. That is where the human traffic is most congested. The two-storey Esprit store in Tampines 1 is located nearest to the main entrance. Upon entering an Esprit store, customers are greeted with a warm and lively tone of “Welcome! ” and a smile. Esprit uses primary colors red, green and blue on their display sets.
Other colors include black, white, pink and purple. The floor of an Esprit store is always parquet. Marketing Mix is likely the most famous marketing term. It is generally the use and specification of the four P’s of the marketing mix elements. They are price, place, product and promotion. Reference: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Marketing_mix, assessed on 22 October 2009 http://www. marketingteacher. com/Lessons/lesson_marketing_mix. htm, assessed on 22 October 2009 http://www. esprit. com/index. php? command=Display&navi_id=50, assessed on 22 October 2009

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