The papers should be written for a reader who has also read the assigned articles, so that you do not need to spend a great deal of your paper describing the article.
So then you reread it and think “how does this make me feel?” 
Then you are to form a thesis statement about it given what you have read. I chose to do the reading about people trying to rid themselves of their foreign adoptive children to basically strangers via the internet. I read it and thought to myself, well how and why is this occurring. This would be where you form your thesis statement. 
The readings are all pretty long, so there is more than enough info to write 3 pages. However do NOT go beyond 3 (as stated in the instructions). You may include a cover page and also  a reference page (work cited…but in APA form is called a reference)
When writing your paper, try to refrain from just summarizing what occurred in the actual reading (as we are writing it for someone who has already read the piece). It is helpful to introduce and touch on a part from the reading and then elaborate on how it made you feel, your connection.

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