essay revise

Please revise the interview essay only follow by the feedback on the last page.

here’s the instruction:
After completing your interview and your response paper, you will write a 4-5 page paper about this interview. This essay should not be a transcript of the interview, but an organized essay that includes elements from the interviewee and his/her media sample.
In particular, attempt to account for some of the following:
What is the interviewee’s audience? Are you the intended audience?
Does this person use media for a particular purpose? What does he/she hope to accomplish?
Consider incorporating ideas from some of the essays we have read.
What role does writing play in this person’s work? What do you hope to add to their work by writing about it?
What media (besides writing) can you incorporate into your essay to give a fuller, more developed picture of this person and his/her work?
Why did you choose to interview this person? What did you expect to learn, and what did you really learn? They may not be the same.
Has this person altered your perception of any particular issue, talent, discipline, or career?
Will you keep in touch with this person? Do you hope to encounter his/her work again?
You have a lot of information to incorporate for this essay. The challenge here is to present everything you have learned in as coherent and organized way as possible (synthesis). Perhaps look to the Fresh Voices essays for models. This kind of paper has the potential to be incredibly dry – work to avoid that trap. If you are bored writing it, your audience will be bored reading it.
Include the following when submitting the final draft of the assignment to PolyLearn:
• Clean draft with a works cited page (not included in length requirement).
• Works Cited Page with an entry for the personal interview and an entry for the specific media analyzed: i.e., photo, web site, song, poem, et cetera. You must use in-text parenthetical citations and a corresponding works cited page for all borrowed material used in your paper.
• Typed interview questions & interviewee responses (transcript).
Your essay must be submitted in both Docx and Adobe PDF.

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