Ethical Scrapbook

In any profession unethical behavior can be present, it is ultimately up to the individuals. They have to decide what is ethically right and not take short cuts or engage in unethical behavior. The banking profession, such as bank tellers, is exposed to large amounts of money. They can choose to be ethical and not attempt to steal from their clients, or they can act unethically by choosing to steal money. Another profession is research, there are conditions that exist for unethical behavior. When researchers conduct experiments, they usually write a report about their results.
If the results do not go in the direction that they wanted them to, this gives the researchers an opportunity to act unethically. They can either choose to act ethically, and report the true results from the experiment, or they can choose to act unethically, and report the results in a manner that will benefit them. “In the process of making decisions regarding their professional behavior, psychologists must consider this Ethics Code in addition to applicable laws and psychology board regulations.
In applying the Ethics Code to their professional work, psychologists may consider other materials and guidelines that have been adopted or endorsed by scientific and professional psychological organizations and the dictates of their own conscience, as well as consult with others within the field. If this Ethics Code establishes a higher standard of conduct than is required by law, psychologists must meet the higher ethical standard.

If psychologists’ ethical responsibilities conflict with law, regulations or other governing legal authority, psychologists make known their commitment to this Ethics Code and take steps to resolve the conflict in a responsible manner in keeping with basic principles of human rights” (American Psychological Association, 2014). Another profession is professional sports, the athlete could take enhancement drugs to improve themselves at the sport, like taking steroids which is also against the law.
Most athletes choose to do what is ethical and stay away from drugs to ensure that they keep their jobs and the respect of their fans. In medical professions, doctors could take the unethical route and give their patients their drug of choice just to satisfy them, but doctors that admire what they do will be ethical and give the patient what they need and get them help if they are showing signs of drug abuse. “Within the patient-physician relationship, a physician is ethically required to use sound medical judgment, holding the best interests of the patient as paramount” (The Patient-Physician Relationship, 2001).
Pharmaceutical companies are a profession that also has to choose to be ethical or unethical. The individuals that work for pharmaceutical companies are tempted to take medication for their own use. They may steal medications to sell them to make money for themselves. Politics also can contribute to ethical or unethical behavior. If politicians do not like something, they try to hide it from Americans, or they may not tell the whole truth of certain facts. Politicians are famous for covering all of the facts up.

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Ethical Scrapbook
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