Ethical Theory Comparison

Ethics are a part of everyday life. Dependent on the individuals focus, ethics can be a core value or a term used when needed. This comparison will assist with understanding the morality of individual decisions or choices based on the ethical system inherited. Virtue based theories centers on good character behavior, a type of human growth that forms good decision making and control of bad habits. Virtue also creates a format that eliminates moral conflict over time. An individual with strong virtue ethics will make decisions naturally.
Correct moral decisions require correct motives. Utilitarianism concentrates on the right and wrong of the end result. It includes the interest of others as well as personal interest. To understand what moral is under this theory simply judge the good and bad of a situation. Unlike deontological ethics, this eliminates the thought of others and creates the image of selfishness. This theory does not set well with common religious followers. (Voytinsky, 2011). Deontological ethics focus on the reason why we do or act. This practice would allow rules to be broken as long as the moral duty is protected.
Pain and pleasure will not satisfy action under the theory. Obligations are written in stone. The moral principle is maintained regardless of consequential occurrence. Deontological ethics are common among religious practices. (Cline, 2013). I joined the military at twenty on with strong Christian ties. A recruiter convinced me that my job was non-combative. My worry, of course, was not to harm or kill another human being. Saudi Arabia told a different story.

I was faced with; shooting to kill to protect myself and my comrades, or honoring commandments. My religious beliefs would have put me in military prison. I would have also become a target among my peers. I was forced to accept the utilitarianism approach in order to survive and return home to my family.
The scope of all things ethical may become slightly misunderstood due to the morality of each individual. Strong beliefs or a sound knowledge of what’s right to you may create the conflict of a life time. Understanding these differences describe in this writing will help to understand the complete picture. Each ethical theory has its value in life. Being aware will allow us to facilitate conflict, conversations, or debates with proper knowledge of which ethical value is used, discussed, or misunderstood.

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