In a 4 to 5 page double-spaced APA-formatted paper, thoroughly examine each of the following questions/topics (be sure to properly cite and reference your sources whether from your textbooks, supplemental sources, or other research):

Why is it important to respect the intellectual property of others?

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Summarize in your own words the meaning of plagiarism and intellectual property theft.

Conduct a brief case study analysis of an example of plagiarism and/or intellectual property theft from the Internet (a different example from the three identified for the discussion assignment). Be sure to cover:

Who did the deed?
What happened?
What were the consequences?
What were the costs both for the perpetrator, the company or institution and the person whose ideas were stolen?

Explain why it is difficult to trust someone who is considered an intellectual property thief? Is there a difference between stealing ideas from stealing someone’s physical property. Why or why not?

Provide an overview of tools available to academic institutions to detect and deter plagiarism. How effective are the tools?

Provide an overview of pertinent laws associated with protecting intellectual property rights.

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