Ethnic studies 4.1.1

1.   Assignment Information

Due DateThursday, June 21, 201811:59 PMPoints Possible15
Conflict In Culture Research Sources & Notes

Assignment Instructions:
Step I: Your assignment is to find at least 3 sites to help you better understand conflict in values, norms, mores among and between cultural groups. Be sure to note down the annotated bibliography information you will need to submit with your final essay assignment.

Great pro-con globalization site with links:  Globalisation Guide
Other Places to use as starting points (caution, these sites are just for ideas, not necessarily reliable sources)

The True Clash of Civilizations
Culture-clash ‘Monsoon Wedding’ sends mixed messages
The French Are So Rude
One Family – Two Cultures
Clash of Culture, Faith
Eric Cartman: America’s Favorite Little [email protected]#&*%
Resisting Change In a NJ Town
American Muslims Turn To Home Schooling (scroll down the page to find the article)
List of Links to other Globalization articles

Step II: While you are researching, take notes that include the answers to these questions:

Define: ethnicity, race, globalization, values, norms, mores, status, and social roles.
How does ethnicity, race, globalization, values norms, mores, status, social roles shape our perceptions and behaviors? What are the major values of American society?
How do the major values of American society differ from values of other people or places?
What is globalization and what does it have to do with you?
Why is globalization an issue today? Who is resisting globalization and what are they protesting?
What values do these protesters believe are at stake with globalization?
Why do cultural activist resent globalization re: internationalization of trade, services, investments, internet information sharing and new technologies?
Is globalization and protestors of globalization a new phenomena?
Step III: Write an expository essay (click on link).  Essay should contain a minimum 5 paragraphs-1 intro, 3 body (supporting evidence), 1 conclusion answering the following question: 
How does the issue of globalization (one nation’s interaction among the people, businesses and governments of other nations) create a “conflict in values and mores” within that society? Use the notes and examples from your research (part I & II) to support you answer to this question.
PART IV:  Turn in your Part II (notes from your research with bibliography) and your Part III

MLA format

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