Evaluate Instructions

Purpose: Instructions include certain expectations such standard sections: an introduction, the step-by-step instructions, and a conclusion. Instructions should be titled, included adequate white space, etc. (see the complete Writer’s Checklist below). This assignment will familiarize you with the standard expectations for instructions.
1) Choose a set of instructions for this assignment, something you have at home or a set of instructions you found on the web.

2) Study your chosen set of instructions and write a memo to your instructor evaluating the quality of the instructions.
Base your evaluation on the following checklist:

Are the instructions designed effectively, with adequate white space and a clear
relationship between the graphics and the accompanying text?Do the instructions have a clear title?
Does the introduction:
• state the purpose of the task?
• describe safety measures or other concerns that readers should understand?• List necessary tools and materials?

Are the step-by-step instructions numbered?
• expressed in the imperative mood?
• simple and direct?
• accompanied by appropriate graphics?

Does the conclusion:
• include any necessary follow up advice?
• include, if appropriate, a troubleshooting guide?
3) Attach a screen shot or a printout of representative pages from the instructions. 4) Write about 1 page double-spaced (300-500 words)

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