Eveline Analysis

Ashley Carey ENC 1102 MW 12:30- 1:45 8/29/12 After reading “Eveline” by James Joyce I would say I was not overall shocked with the outcome of her not leaving. Throughout the story I could tell that Eveline was unsure of herself and of what she wanted. She couldn’t decide between running away to Buenos Aires with her lover, Frank or staying to make sure her family is looked after. I felt that her age is a significant factor of her choice of staying in Dublin.
She didn’t understand herself enough because she didn’t experience life to see how she deals with difficult life changing situations. I felt like her choice shows herself to the audience. She could have chosen to go with Frank and come off to some readers as “following her heart”, maybe “selfish”, “thinking about her future and what she desires in life and in her heart”, “not caring for her family”.
I personally feel like her decision to stay was a more “comfortable” decision for her and she wasn’t taking risks and was thinking about the love for her family and siblings and not wanting them to get hurt in anyway. If her mother hadn’t told her before she died to keep the home together as long as she could, I felt that Eveline would have ran away with Frank not feeling guilty when she left; That she didn’t do the one thing that her mother asked of her before her death.

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