Exit Through the Gift Shop: Overview

Banksy is the pseudonym of a British graffiti artist and painter. Although the street’s artist are usually anonymous, Banksy may be one of the most mysterious street’s artists. Banksy, who has been acting for over ten years But recently his name has been known and because of his type of activity and protest is popular in media and public. Banksy’s first film was showed in the Sundance Film Festival 2010 for the first time. The film was released in the England in March 2010 And in January 2011 was nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Documentary film.
The film is composed of two parts. One part is an interview with Banksy and the other part is the films that Thierry Guetta has recorded with his camera. Terry is a Frenchman who lived in Los Angeles and has spent his life with fashion’s fans. Terry has a unique feature, he doesn’t go anywhere without his camera As he describes it as an addiction. Finally on a trip to France in 1999 a new event occurs. Terry was fortunate to being in a right place. He met street’s artist and was started filming.
Street’s artist liked it too because in this way they were able to develope their art. After ten months of filming street’s artists finally, an idea comes to Terry’s mind, Documentation. The only thing that Terry was needed in his film was Banksy’s presence. Banky is working and Terry videos. Banksy seggested Terry to make a documentry with these videos. After 6 months Terry come back with a film but Banksy did not like the film that Terry was made. “Exit through the gift shop” is a sotry of a character that Banksy made it.

The interplay of the devices used to record and that which is being recorded include: ·Form Use of natural properties of the medium ·Cinematography In this documentry film Terry’s Camera acts as a recording device and does not comment upon the action. ·Screenplay Terry did not plan for the dialogues, they are natural and unscripted. ·Mise-en-Scene There is no specific costumes, make-up and actrors in this film. Every thing is natural. ·Edditing Aids in comprehension through cutting out all unnecessary action.

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