Experiences of Migration

Military University Experiences Of Migration For hundreds of years migration has been the topic of discussion as individuals or mass groups have migrated away from their homelands In search of alternate residency elsewhere throughout the world. Much like today, the 19th century migratory have been faced with a plethora of different types of reactions by their newfound territories Including both positive and negative In nature. Many Individuals exhibited numerous viewpoints Including the various governments who understood the advantages tot immigration.
Immigration certainly holds the potential to live a more lucrative elite In another part of the world as most immigrants enjoyed the venous employment opportunities and enhanced lifestyles. Although some immigrants traveled with their families. There were Individuals who set out to find a new life while leaving their loved ones behind. In one such case, and individual by the name of Taffeta Broker. ‘џaka was left behind in Warsaw Poland as her husband sent out to find a new existence. Unfortunately for Taffeta. Re husband never returns as we read in her correspondence to him. 893. Dear husband; up to the present I live with Rabbinic. I am not very Well satisfied, perhaps because was accustomed to live for So many years quietly, With you alone. And today you are at one and Of the world and I at the Other. So when I kick at strange corners don’t know what to do from longing and regret _ You wont forget me, that you Will remain noble as you have been I have only the sort Of the friends think that I own thousands and from time to time Sorenson comes to me, skins me to lend her a dozen rubles. 1894. P to the present I thought and rolled that you would still come back to Warsaw, but since you write that you will come I comply with the will of God and with your will. I shall now, the days and weeks until take me to America Such a sad elite ! Go almost to nobody, tort as long as PU were in Warsaw everything was deferent. Formally we had friends, and everybody was glad to see us, while now, if I go to anybody they are afraid need something from them and they show me beforehand and indifferent face (Hunt et al. 012, 778). Forward and left loved ones behind.
For the ones that did follow their loved ones, their experiences were that of excitement, apprehension and anxiousness as these immigrants were met with both open arms and rejection as the population receiving the immigrant’s viewed these people as deserters and without patriotism. The following: gives us insight of the feelings from one immigrant as he is traveling to Im bound for young America, farewell old Scandinavia. Vive had my America. Fill of cold and toil, all for the love of mother soil. You poets with your rocks and rills can stay in starve-on words, no-frills.

They are, out west, a man breaths free, while here one slaves, a tired bee, gathering honey filled the hive of wise old rulers, on us they thrive. In toil we over before their thrones while they take to slumber like lazy drones. Drunk with our nectar they’ve set us affright, but opportunity has knocked, and will take our flight (Hunt et al. 2012, 779). It is clear, that at least for some, immigrants left their homelands in search of freedom along with economic stability hat they felt could not be provided in their own country.

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