Explain key influences on personal learning processes

Learners must complete 100 hours work experience s a requirement of this unit. Unit introduction Initially, learners will explore factors that affect learning, then plan and monitor their personal and professional development and reflect on it. They will gain a key understanding of the health and social care sectors, including aspects of service delivery and the fundamentals of research methodology. Learners will consider their personal and professional development holistically, linking different units within their programmes and also their personal experiences.
This unit explores the different ways in which learning can take place and how earning from individual experiences can be used to enhance the quality of knowledge, skills and practice. Learners will explore concepts of learning and relate these to their preferred learning styles and other factors that influence their learning. Learners will initially consider their knowledge, skills, practice, values and beliefs in relation to working in health and social care. They will then draw up a personal plan personal abilities, goals and career aspirations.
Learners will review their progress against these plans at intervals throughout the programme, adjusting them as appropriate to changing circumstances. They will develop the ability to draw on a range of sources of information to assess their personal and professional development, including their vocational experience and other relevant experiences such as their formal study, employment and/or voluntary activity. The unit introduces learners to health and social care service provision and research methodology, both of which can be extended in other units within the programme.

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