Explain wine 2

For the questions, you will be expected to answer in no less than 500 words and no more than 800 words. You will also be expected to use a specific example as a demonstration of your response. You will need to provide APA formatted in-text citations and references for any information sourced from a reference. 

From Week 2, discuss the viticulture of California and the aspects that make California wine unique. Incorporate the wine regions while elaborating on the rise of the Pinot Noir in wine culture.

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Explain wine 2
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Using the Wine/Food Pairing link below, create 5 pairings from California wines, one of which should be with a California Pinot Noir. Create new pairings, rather than restating those that you used in the Forum. Incorporate the pairings into your answer. State why you are choosing each wine and food in the pairing.


Model Short Answer
10 points for spelling/grammar/APA
10 points for length
10 points for critical analysis
10 points for subject knowledge
10 points for focus/thesis support

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