I drove to SST Louis with a couple of friends on a warm day ND when we got to the ml_Assure, all I could say was ‘WOW’. “Is this a white house replica kind of a building’ asked one of my friends. It was so beautiful, never seen or have never been in a building so huge like that. It was quite an honor and would have something to share with people back in Africa. I might not have been a big fan of art but since that day all has changed. We went in and were given a museum map to locate specific areas we wanted to visit. Modern art section was our main priority.
We took the elevator to the upper level of the museum where modern art painting was displayed. We walked around sections 327, 335, 334 and 333. The painting that mostly caught my attention was that of Marc Chloral, a French man born in 1887 and died in 1985. The Temptation painting was painted by Marc the cubist in 1912. He painted Adam and Eve flanking the tree of knowledge. He painted Eve as a green figure holding the forbidden fruit that she was about to offer Adam, who poses in blissful ignorance of the consequences to come.
The cubism concept of split face allows Eve to look at both the apple and its destination. Marc paints this picture in relations to what we have always been reading bout in the bible. He also painted animals around staring at them, he did this to really show and tell how the fruit changed the world today. Another painting just on the other wall on my left as I turned to my left, there hanged an amazing piece of art called the blue Mandolin, 1 930 by George Baroque. He was a French man born in 1882 but died in 1963.

He used oil painting with sand on canvas. This painting looked so real unlike the ones I saw in class on slideshows. He used a paint comb that created imitation wood grain to which he added a heavy application of sand in order to set off the eel effects of texture against artificial ones. The use of sand here really gives this painting a very strong texture. I even felt like I could touch it but could not do so. He conveys his love for music here by painting the blue mandolin very closer to the eye.
As moved around exploring the beauty Of art, then came across the Picasso painting of his wife. Pablo was a Spanish cubist born in 1881 and he died in 1973. His painting of a seated woman dated July 1 953 portraits his lover Francoise Gilt. He shows of his skills and extreme exploration of pubis by using facets of creamy grays, whites, pinks, and browns form mosaic of color and tone across the body of Francoise. In this painting the young woman’s face contains a strong right profile as well as a left eye that gazes forward.
He also uses a dark background to show the viewers exactly what his painting is all about. The painting looks more like 3 dimensional because of the use of mosaic concept. It’s really one of the greatest pieces of art by Pablo Picasso. As was walking around I then saw this other two paintings that looked like I child was playing With a paint brush, but as I paid more attention to them hen I realized how some people were talented. These were paintings by Emil Molded, a German born in 1867 but died in 1956.

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