Expulsion of Moors

In 1492, Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II conducted a terms in which Muslims are allowed to preserve their mosques and religious institutions, to retain the use of their language and to continue to abide by their own laws and customs. But within seven years these terms had been broken. The Moors, the descendants of the Muslim population, were given a choice between to convert to Christianity or exile. For the majority, baptism was the only practical option. So the Spanish Moors became the “New Christians” and subject to the jurisdiction of the Inquisition.
The moors had to abandon the Arabic language, uncover their faces, and forced to let their doors opened. For most “new Christans”, their conversion weren’t absolute, the Moors act like Christian, but continued to practice Islam in secret. They lead a double life with a clear conscience because certain Islamic religious authorities allowed that, under a threat, Muslims might apply the principle of “ TAQUIYA” . they may drink wine, eat pork and uncover their faces. A person who refused to drink wine or eat pork might be denounced as a Muslim to the Inquisition.
In 1567 Philip II renewed an edict which had never been strictly enforced, making the use of Arabic illegal and prohibiting Islamic religion, dress and customs. This edict resulted in the Rebellion of the Alpujarras (1568-1570), which were suspected to corroborate with the Turks. During The uprising Moriscos get help from Turkish and Moroccan volunteers. The uprising was brutally suppressed by Don John of Austria. By the spring of 1571, the Moriscos were massacred and defeated.

Some were killed and others were deported under inhumane conditions. Moors were suspected to corroborate with the Turks, a permanent solution by the inquisitions which to proceed with the expulsion of the Moors. On April 09, 1609, King Philip III of Spain decreed the Expulsion of the Moriscos. The Spanish government systematically forced Moriscos to leave the kingdom for Muslim North Africa. The majority of the forced emigrants settled in the Maghrib or Barbary Coast, especially in Oran, Tunis, Tlemcen, Tetuan, Rabat and Sale.

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