Extraordinary Tourism

Extraordinary Hotels and Special Services Table of Content Introduction Definition of Extraordinary Tourism Trend Analyse Special Services In hotels and observation of Extraordinary Hotels 2013 Future prediction and Conclusion Introduction The purpose of this report is to clarify and define an increasing trend In tourism of modern times. The report will define and explore the different dimensions of the growing trend of extraordinary tourism and present different examples of this from a global perspective.
A trend analyse will provide the reader with new concepts and emands from the tourism market. At the end of the report we will have short look at future predictions and the conclusions that can be made out of the results provided in this report. Definition of Extraordinary tourism The expression “extraordinary tourism” derives from the growing trend of outstanding accommodations offered within modern tourism and other alternative to main stream ways of travelling.
To simplify this expression one could start with defining the “ordinary tourism”, which tend to be the most common way of travelling. The main stream way of travelling is usually defined as charter holidays where the customer is provided with all travelling information and a chosen variation of destinations by a local travel agency. When we speak about extraordinary tourism the customer tend to do the destination research himself and as well for the accommodations. Research is usually provided by internet or from social networks where unique travel experiences could be shared.

There is numerous of option for the traveller to organise an extraordinary holiday, it could be an alternative accommodation, extreme location. pecialised resort or an extreme way of traveling around the location. The current studies of this on going trend is lacking statistical numbers but what is easy to identify in modern tourism market is that hotels and resorts are generally changing there approach from a wide market target to a much more specified target group.
Trend Analyse Recent studies have shown that the booking services are taking a more personalised and customised approach to meet the growing demand of extraordinary holiday experiences. Todays customer in travel agencies are decreasing hence to the easy 1 OF3 ccessed DooKlng posslDllltles onllne wnlcn Is a growing tnreat to tne market leaders in old school travel agencies around the world. It is a fact that the technology will and have already changed the tourism market, therefore the tourism market needs to change together with technology.
Agencies are meeting these demands with different approaches but one significant trend is to offer well organised extraordinary holidays such as safari trips, diving holidays or health retreats. The extraordinary holiday has many faces and the selection is growing together with demanding market consumer. The global economy is changing and new customers come with it and so do new destinations such as Burma and other countries where it might have been a turbulent in the past decade. The variation of different accommodations is perhaps the most outstanding segment of the extraordinary tourism.
The small city hotels are today called “boutique hotels” or design hotels that offers a central accommodation that appeals to the guests personal taste of interior design or offers a feeling of a stylish personal segment. For the eco friendly guest you can chose to stay in a green hotel, the adventures can stay n a tree cottage in the middle of the woods and stay warm from the open fire, the variations are many and the tourism market stays creative to do their best to stand out in this competitive market climate.
Special Services in hotels and extraordinary hotels 2013 The special services provided on todays market are many and the variation is wide and in the following part of the text you will find some of the extraordinary services and unique accommodations offered around the globe today. Sunburn supervisor might be a new kind of supervision to many tourist but not if you ave stayed at Akaryn Samul, Koh Samul where the guest is offered to have a supervisor to prevent the guest to burn in the sun.
This service is provided in a luxury resort and the Sunburn supervisor will reapply sunscreen every hour and as well after you had a dip in the pool. The divorce hotel is a hotel resort targeting couples who aim to get a divorce as soon as possible and as easy as possible. The hotel provides their guests with specialised professionals who help the guests through every step in the divorce. The variation of accommodations oday could depend much on your wallet and certainly if you are planning on checking in to the Poseidon undersea resort next to the Katafinga Island in Fiji.
The undersea resorts consists of a luxury resort completely under water where the guests can enjoy the beauty of sea-life in the dry. A much cheaper option for an extraordinary accommodation could be the Jumbo Jet on Arlanda, the international airport of Stockholm in Sweden. The Jumbo Jet allows the guests to have a good night sleep in a Jet plane on the ground before it is time to head up in the sky, located next o the airport but offer the guest a unique stay at the airport.
Future prediction and Conclusion The extraordinary tourism seems to be “the new black” and for the future we can expect much more of these alternative ways of travelling. Demanding customers and a growing global economy will re-write the market of tourism and the next innovative hotel idea is Just around the corner. ReTerence list http://aboutourism. wordpress. com/trendspotting-2012/ http://www. entrepreneur. com/slideshow/175884 http://www. asiaspa. com/galleries/20130903143744

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