Family Size

Would you rather be a member of a small family or a big one? Small families become spoilt over excessive resources. The advantages of having a small family weigh up to having a pretty good life. By being part of a small family you will receive more attention from your parents; go on holiday often and have money for yourself. Parents will not have to stress over money and budget issues. Although the advantages of a small family are everything most children would want in their lives, the disadvantages have a negative impact on your own and others lives.
Disadvantages of children in a small family are that they don’t learn responsibility and become selfish due to having their own stuff and not having to share with siblings. They become spoilt because they are use to having everything their way and getting whatever they want at any time. Children also tend to become bored alone at home, holidays or outings. Being part of a big family introduces children to a balanced lifestyle.
The advantages of being part of a family are children learn responsibility, do chores etc. It is also good for younger siblings to have someone they can talk to. On family outings there will be a joyful atmosphere because of the amount of people. They will learn to socialize easily and be able to share with others. Even though there are many advantages of being part of a big family, there are also disadvantages to consider. Children get less attention from their parents and have no privacy or space of their own.

A major issue is sibling rivalry, which is when siblings don’t get along and compete with each other in academics, sports etc. Disadvantages for parents would be not having a lot of money to spend on each child and having a huge amount of stress to pay bills, fees etc. In my opinion, having and being part of a small family results in children being spoilt and unsocial. Having a big family is better for a child’s upbringing because of the jovial household atmosphere and responsibilities learnt. Total number of words: 337

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Family Size
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