Fashion essay

Career Exploration Assignment
In a separate document,
answer the following questions.  Be sure to proofread your paper.
Step 1

Industry overview
Why does the fashion industry interest you?
What, in your opinion, are the top 3 skills you will need to succeed in the industry?  Provide a brief explanation as to why you chose these skills.
3.Briefly discuss how the fashionnindustry is changing or transforming.
Step 2
–Company research
Select 3 companies from the industry that interest you
Provide a brief description of each company.  
Do not copy and paste
from their website but you can use the
website as a resource.
Why did you choose these companies?
Step 3

Available positions
(you can access Handshake, Career Shift or some other job posting search engine)
Identify 2 entry

level positions you could potentially apply for after graduation.
Where were they advertised?  Copy and paste the job description directly from the site and identify which site you used.

What types of skills does the company require
or describe as necessary in order to be considered a strong candidate for these positions?

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