field trip report -Taiwan

Ethnographer’s Analytical Essay (Field Trip Report)
· Individual assessment 
· Length: Essay (2000 words) + Appendices inc. Field Journal (no word limit)
· Value: 30%

Task: The assignment allows you to demonstrate your ability to apply and use the research and theorising of others to understand a situation that includes your own travel experience. It is one of the cornerstones of this unit and MUST be undertaken.

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field trip report -Taiwan
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There are three parts to this assignment:
1. Field Trip: You are required to be a tourist and do some travelling of your own. There must be an overnight component, and you must travel ideally at least 40 km from your present residence.

2. Field Journal: You are to keep and submit a field journal as an appendix to your analytical essay.

3. Ethnographer’s Analytical Essay: You will have to write an analytical essay on the travel using relevant research and theoretical material. See Appendix E (A2 Ethnographer’s Analytical Essay Feedback Sheet) for the assessment criteria for the Essay.

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