for michelle lewis only

What are the reasons that children have difficulty with fractions? Explain how teachers can help. 50 words

What are some manipulatives that can help students comprehend fractions and integers better than calculating with pencil and paper? 50 words

Provide a fourth-grade level explanation of the meaning of the top number and the bottom number in a fraction. What type of activity could be used to help explain this concept to children while teaching them how to write fractions meaningfully? 50 words

Do children have an understanding of negative numbers? If so, what is their understanding? If not, how might you help them develop an understanding of negative numbers? 50 words

 lets say you give the students a problem like 3-4 to start with, maybe say, you have $3, but you need to pay your mom $4, what can you do?  Give the students manipulatives and allow them to work and talk together and see what happens.  Can you think of any other ways you could talk about it with students and give them a problem to work through on their own? 50 words

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