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 Discussion 1
Hyperactivity and Classroom Management
The question of medication often arises when children are hyperactive or have trouble paying attention long enough to learn. Given the fact that many parents do not wish to medicate their children, what alternatives would allow a hyperactive child to play and learn along with his or her peers? Based on your reading and experience, what positive classroom management techniques would help such a child fit into the classroom?

Discussion 2
Speech, Language, and Communication
Speech and language develop together, allowing children to acquire adequate communication skills. If either, or both, of these skills are delayed, then communication becomes difficult and the child cannot make his or her needs known. How can this delay affect other areas of development, such as social, academic, and emotional areas? Based on your experience and the readings, what impact do think this has on a child’s classroom performance?

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Discussion 3
Developmentally Appropriate Instructional Strategies
Based on your readings and your personal experiences, what does the term developmentally appropriate instructional strategiesmean to you? How does your understanding of this term correspond to the No Child Left Behind Act, school accountability, and state assessments? Where do our students with disabilities fit in this one-size-fits-all reasoning?

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