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In Driscoll and Nagel, read Chapters 10 and 11, pages 318–369. This reading describes ECE issues and ideas with children in kindergarten through third grade. Read NAEYC Initial Licensure Standards, pages 1–31. This gives an overview of the field’s leading standards and will allow you to see how all the theories you have been learning about are reflected in this national organization’s goals.
Application of Guidelines
Using the information from the NAEYC Standards document, specifically Standard 5: Understanding Content Knowledge in Early Education, choose one content area and explain how you would apply these guidelines to a K-3 classroom. Create an in-class assessment that would use these guidelines while also addressing the individual learning styles and intelligences of young children.

Checklist Feedback
Share with your peers the checklist you intend to use in your classroom observation assignment and the place in which it will be utilized. How have you adapted your checklist (if at all) to match your chosen site? Why have you chosen the site you have? Use peer feedback to better prepare for your upcoming visit.

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