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Discussion 1
Very young children are usually highly motivated to learn (such as exploring gravity by dropping things from the highchair), but this often declines as they grow. With your readings in mind, think about your own motivational drive. What pushes you the most: extrinsic or intrinsic factors? How did your educational environments in the past and today support or detract from this motivation?

Respond to Students Post in a 100 words 
Jennifer post
Harrison is a 39 year old mechanical engineer who is married with two sons.  He has always loved cars, his job and his family (, n.d).  Lately, Harrison’s feelings have changed and took a turn for the worst. Harrison has been experiencing symptoms of depression that have impacted his social, work and home life.  Major depressive disorder can be characterized by a sad or empty mood, feelings of hopelessness or pessimism, irritability, loss of interest in hobbies or other activities and thoughts of death or suicide (Depression, 2018).  He refused to go to an event at the Mid-Ohio Raceway.  In addition, he has missed other car events which he would have normally enjoyed attending.  Multiple other things such as going to races, reading car magazines and working on his Chevy have gone unattended.  Previously, Harrison loved his job of designing cars.  As of late, his work has been falling behind and he has been calling in sick frequently.  He is in a management position and there are signs that his team may be feeling the pressure of his depression.  Many employees are going to different departments or leaving the company.  Harrison’s home life has been suffering.  He and his wife are no longer intimate and he has no desire to be.  He hasn’t been talking to his wife and sons as much as he used to.  He feels annoyed with his wife and sons.  He often feels nothing as though nothing matters anymore.  Harrison spends most of his free time in his dark garage with thoughts of death.  When Harrison was asked about his family life he states that he feels like he has failed as a father and a husband (, n.d).
Depression is caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental and psychological factors (Depression, 2018).  In the discussion of Harrison’s childhood, there are some risk factors for depression.  Harrison’s father was described as overly critical and stubborn.  He often said negative things and rarely praised Harrison.  His irritability could indicate that he had undiagnosed depression.  In addition, his father was found dead after overdosing on sleeping pills.  It wasn’t specifically stated, but this could have been suicide due to depression (, n.d).  This indicates that Harrison’s depression could have been caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. 
Harrison’s depression is impacting him emotionally.  As described in the case study, he feels no interest in doing things that he previously loved to do.  When he looks at things that previously made him proud such as his job, family and his Chevy, he feels nothing.  When the feelings of nothing subside, it appears that he is feeling angry and irritable.  He is having conflicts with his boss and co-workers.  Also, he states that he feels annoyed with his wife and children.

Jacob Post in a 100 words
Maria suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), it started when she was an adolescent. She would turn lights on and off a certain amount of times, inviting a certain amount of people to parties, and thinking certain numbers were bad. Maria’s mother was very superstitious, she stopped growing petunias after she saw them at a funeral and thought that they would bring bad luck. As Maria got older the symptoms got worse, she was washing her hands 6-8 hours a day and to the point that they were cracking and bleeding, she hasn’t kissed her husband or kids due to fear of contamination, and constantly cleaning even if it shows no signs of being dirty.
It is common to overestimate your responsibility for an event and to discount, ignore or underestimate other plausible influences. For instance, someone with OCD may think that if they leave for work at the wrong time it will set in motion events that will lead to a plane crash (Rachman, S. 2002). Seems that Maria feels that if she doesn’t do certain things a certain amount of times that something bad will happen. 
Now Maria’s kids are suffering, her son has been diagnosed with ADHD and her daughter has turned to cutting her self. 

 Anibel Post
1.There are many ways to determine someone’s social class. Everyone has different beliefs, and usually surround themselves with people like them. A few ways to determine someone’s social class is looking into their wealth, culture, and education. All those can determine what type of person they are, and what their families are. It impacts your own life because you will see people differently, and treat them unequally.

 What are some ways that you can make this mathematics concept meaningful for children?
How will you ensure that your future students will understand the math you teach so they can solve problems in the real world?

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