Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace Persuasive Essay

Working in my family business I face obstacles that hinder communication within the business every day. Within the workplace we have to have effective communication because the business is essentially three businesses in one. Vibes Cuisine is a Dine-in Restaurant, Dance Hall, and a Take-out or Delivery Restaurant. We always have everyone on the same page about the day to day goals and requirements before we even open the shop. Initially the shop was a small diner that only a few people frequented and even fewer newly visited. We as a family and the owners of the restaurant had a goal to triple our demographic and triple the daily revenue.
Thus we embarked on a campaign to grow the business and make a concrete communication network between the workers and the customers. First we identified the various problems we as the workers had with communication. Some people wanted to remain a small business others wanted to grow exponentially. We had issue with knowledge of food availability, dance hall times, and information on delivery orders. Firstly we fixed those so that we could effectively run the business and a cohesive manner. We also had issue with contacting workers, and even responding to customer inquiries.
In order to fix that we created a call log right next to the telephone where every employee’s number was readily available. We also created a standard procedure of who to call and when to call if any customer had to call out of work or needed to leave early. We made sure everyone was on the same page and heard the same information so that we could have a successful communication tree. We then used networking to not only attract new customers but retain returning ones. We communicated with other business around town and placed advertising in those respective businesses and gave them knowledge of operation times and general menu selections.

We also made sure that our business line was open nearly all day and there was always someone there available to answer any questions. After we handled all of the tangible obstacles we then discussed and fixed the intangible problems such as attitude and appearance. Many fail to realize just how important a workers attitude towards the customer is, and how much it can affect the outlook of the business. We enacted an all smiles policy that insured every worker smiled while at work. Now this was not only for worker to customer relations but also worker to worker relations.
Being nice and courteous to ones co-workers builds respect and trust. It also helps workers communicate effectively without emotions getting involved. Appearance also factors into communication because if one doesn’t look approachable or pleasant many times communication suffers because works don’t want to talk to certain other workers. Sometimes portraying good body language can overcome many communication barriers. People don’t realize when responding to authority or interacting with customers, even though one might say one thing the body language will tell the true story.

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Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace Persuasive Essay
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